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The TrendPoint is a technical-analysis based trading strategy and can be used to trade any instrument and timeframe. From Stocks to Forex to Futures. This is the same system that retails for $199 on the Edvesting website. This system uses the same free tools available from most charting programs (ie: Metastock, MT4, Tradestation, etc). Even some others online that are 100% free to use like There are three main components (tools) that make up the system. Once two of these are formulated using the inputs/settings explained in the Edvesting TrendPoint guide, very high probability trade set-ups are suddenly easy to spot. By going through the examples and then plotting in real-time will enable you to have the confidence that where you are entering will be a high-probability entry for a profitable trade. The third indicator uses its default settings in order to show you potential exit points.

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